About Us

What is MGFlow58?

MGFlow58 is a buisness that makes apps, games, programs, and other things related to technology. It was founded at the 5th of September 2014, by octopus58.

Who is octopus58?

Octopus58 is the founder of MGFlow58. He really likes being creative and productive. He started programming since he was 8 years old! His first public game was made in actionscript 3 (flash) and it was called Super Hard Quiz p1. It was short, simple, but entertaining and fun for many. About 5 months later he released his first app for google play called MGFlow58 Official App. Currently he is planning to make better and more fascinating games!

To find out more about octopus58, go to Octo's Corner in Fun Stuff!

Is there anyone else in MGFlow58?

Yes actually.

Even though we would like to keep MGFlow58 small, we still have some other staff other than octopus58. Our main staff consists of octopus58 and spguard. We have sub staff that help out on other things, like skilletadam. We have sub staff that administrate servers, game rooms, etc.