What games has MGFlow58 Currently Developed?

Currently, we are waiting for approval of a wii u developer license. Also we are trying to save up to buy unity 5 pro, a powerful engine to make multiplatform games. Here are the games we have got so far...

- Guppy's Quest

- Sunny Moon

- Lucky8!

Upcoming Games

Currently, octopus58 is working on art work and planning for 3 spandoc games. These include:

- Sp: Blue Shells Awakening [Plot is focused on Blue Shell]
- Sp: Corruption [Plot is focused on the corruption crystals, introduces Plantavians]
- Sp: Molten Dawn [Plot is focused on evil sun octopus]

This will take a long time to make. Please be understanding and patient, for these games will be really good!

Other games

There are other games that I am developing for websites, and other things. They are all made in Flash (actionscript 3). To see them, click here.