What is SpDict?

SpDict explains the fantasy world of Sp, which is what most MGFlow58 game plots follow. Here you get to know the Octopus Legion, Sp creatures, Sp locations, and a bunch of other things related to SpWorld.


The Octopus Legion

Since Octopus58 created SpWorld, it would be more reasonable to start of explaining the Octopus Legion. Whenever Octopus58 thinks of an Octopus, the octopus gets created in SpWorld. An Octopus isnt an animal, its just a clone of Octopus58 but with a perk. There are some exceptions though (Octopus44 is another person, and there are other people who arent clones of 58).

Each Octopus has his own suit. It is composed of:

Helmet and Visor: Visor is usually orange, but in some cases a different color.

Chest Piece: Fully covers the chest, stomach, ribs, basically everything but the head, arms and legs. In the middle, it has an opening with vacum in it. The vacum isnt inside the Octopus, its just really tricky suit technology that allows this.

Arms: Probably the coolest part of the suit. Covers the whole arm, and at the end of each one there is a really awesome piece of tech. This tech in default is just metalic finger holders, where the Octopus puts his fingers into. If the Octopus wants to pull out his concealed weapon(s), he hides his fingers and the weapon pops out! These weapons could be lazer cannons, machine guns, whips, etc.

Legs: Another cool part of the suit. Covers the whole leg, and at the end of it there is a piece of tech that is used in the arm. But this time, it is usually boosters like water boost, fire boost, wind boost, bubbles, etc. There are some exceptions.

Here is the list of members of the Octopus Legion:




Octopus00 (savior):

Octopus00 has a perk in saving things from trouble. Unlike any other Octopus, 00 ha a sharp mind and can think of the most intelegent way to save someone at any time. His body is colored in a redish gold gradient and his visor is really bright yellow. For both his arms, his weapon is a gun that shoots rings. The left arm rings are black and the right arm rings are white. His legs both have blaster boosts that shoot out white flares. On his back he has 2 huge wings, measuring a 3 meter span.

Octopus01 (speed):

Octopus01 has the perk of being faster than the speed of light to the power of 3364. The other octopus forms are also pretty fast (they are all speed to the power of 3363.9 which is incomplete) but 01 still goes faster. His body is colored dark blue with a turqoise visor. For both his arms and legs, he has boosters which push water into the opposite direction of which he is headed.

This page is still a WIP (work in progress). Sorry for the inconvenience!