MGFlow58 Servers

What are MGFlow58 Servers?

Here in MGFlow58, we host gaming servers for games like Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Starbound, etc. Our most common name for servers is Spandoc58.We have a really dedicated team of staff, some for laughs and some for administration.

Spandoc58 Servers

This is a list of all the Spandoc58 servers:

Spandoc58 MC:
Description: A fun minecraft server, with over 20 worlds and over 50 plugins.
Specs: 10GB Ram, 500GB Storage
Average ammount of players: Small community, 1-15 players

Spandoc58 SB:
Description: A (work in progress) Starbound server
Specs: 4GB Ram, 500GB Storage
Average ammount of players: None, this server is in beta

Spandoc58 GMOD
Description: A fun Garry's Mod server with a ton of mods
Specs: 6GB Ram, 300GB Storage
Average amount of players: None, this server isnt visited much so it remains closed until it is requested again.

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