About Spandoc58


Spandoc58 is a community of people, all linked. Some people are players for video games, some people are just in the community for other purposes, and usually its both. Spandoc has communities in different games, and websites. The list of the communities can be seen below:

- Minecraft Spandoc58 Community
- Starbound Spandoc58 Community
- Steam Spandoc58 Community
- Facebook Spandoc58 Group
- GMOD Spandoc58 Community
- GTA V Spandoc58 Community

There are a rules for the server.


Who is in the community?

This is a list of people who are in the community, and their ranks:

Octopus58, Owner
Spguard, Co Owner
Sammilioner, Sub Owner
Skilletadam, Sub Owner
mystichisoka2, Sub Owner
cheesewhiz1, Sub Owner
SuperBookbinder, Sub Owner
Manbears, Sub Owner
0Ekaj0, Sub Owner
Loves_to_mine, Moderator
Alfa722, Admin
Dcube46, Sub Owner
Dukeizback, Head Admin
Sebassdragon, Moderator
MacyntoshHAHA, Admin
Hell_Walker, Admin
Peeta0330, Admin
Atm52, Sub Owner
bomfs11, Sub Owner
BlowupCandle, Admin
mohawked226, Admin
ABC123YOBRO, Admin
Mr_Undefeated_, Admin

Who is banned from the community?

There are a bunch of people banned from the community (200+) each for doing something bad. For respectual reasons, we do not give out the names of the banned players on the website.