Spandoc58 Ingame Packages

What are packages?

Packages are cool offers or things you can buy with in game currency (free, no real world money required!). Packages are used to enhance a certain part of gameplay or create something that the player can't create himself/herself.


Packages List

Spandoc58 MC:

The Midi Song Package (MSP):
This package allows you to get play a song from a certain coordinate in the world with just a button or lever! How this works is once you request a song, if a Midi file of it is available, octopus58 converts it into command blocks with a ton of /playsound commands (different instruments too). Then it will be hidden somewhere Underground the house or area and can be activated with a button or lever (or another redstone activation method.)

Here are the prices:

0:00 - 1:00 song = 1000 crystals
1:01 - 2:00 song = 2000 crystals
2:01 - 3:00 song = 3000 crystals
3:01 - 4:00 song = 4000 crystals
4:01 - 6:00 song = 6000 crystals

The Painting Package (PP):
Do you like a certain photo, painting, or picture? Do you have a link of it on the internet (google images only.)? Send Octopus the link and you can get it in minecraft! It won't have amazing hd color quality, but it will still be something!

Here are the prices:

1 x 1 Block Painting = 500 crystals
1 x 2 Block Painting = 600 crystals
1 x 3 Block Painting = 650 crystals
2 x 2 Block Painting = 800 crystals
2 x 3 Block Painting = 900 crystals
2 x 4 Block Painting = 950 crystals
3 x 3 Block Painting = 1100 crystals
3 x 4 Block Painting = 1200 crystals
3 x 5 Block Painting = 1250 crystals
4 x 4 Block Painting = 1500 crystals

The World Server Package (WSP):
This package is one of the best, but it is very costly and limited. There are 5 worlds on the server that a player can buy. Each world costs 1 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000) crystals. Yes, its very very expensive, but theres more than just a world. With the world you get creative, and some cool command permissions. You can also add rules to exsisting rules of the server that apply to your world. The world basically becomes a mini server.

Pixel Art Package (PAP):
Pixel art is really cool, but don't you sometimes get lazy building it? Thats why this package exsists! Get pixel art from something on google images, and get it to octopus58. Depending on how big it is, it is pretty cheap!

Here are the prices:

Max 10 x 10 or 100 blocks = 400 crystals
Max 20 x 20 or 400 blocks = 1600 crystals
Max 30 x 30 or 900 blocks = 25600 crystals (was 2560000!)

Get Free In Game Currency

To get free in game currency, we dont make you do surveys or anything like that. We have self created offers with different specific reward ammounts. These offers are designed to be easy and non harmful. You have to tell Octopus58 which offer you are taking whenever you want one.


- Get 5 friends to come on and play for at least 30 minutes on the server. (Reward: 1000 crystals per 5 players. Works on: MC)

- Give us a 1 page feedback of the server (Reward: 500 crystals per formal feedback. Works on: MC)

- Design a cool craft/painting/drawing for Spandoc58 and share it to the images section of this website! (Reward: 500-5000 crystals depending on how interesting/advanced the craft is. Works on: MC)

- Complete the code quest. Find the time code, the pyro code, the aqua code, the M code, the O code, the G code, the spandoc code, and the 5 mystery codes. Super difficult but amazing reward. (Reward: 1,000,000,000,000 crystals, only 3 players can earn this reward per year. Works on: MC)

- Create a huge mega non op faction that is at least 1000 x 1000 blocks in property with minimum 20 players (Reward: 100000 crystals. Works on: MC)

- Play* on the server for 2 months (Reward: 10000 crystals. Works on: MC)

- Play* on the server for 4 months (Reward: 30000 crystals. Works on: MC)

- Play* on the server for 8 months (Reward: 80000 crystals. Works on: MC)

- Play* on the server for 1 year (Reward: 180000 crystals. Works on: MC)